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In the console game sector, 14 Nov, 2013 Views : 928 Comments ( 0 )
In the console game sector, Square Enix made a total of 37.9 billion yen ($337.9 million) from sales and reported 16.4 billion yen ($146.3 million) in operation profits. The company sold over 2 million units of Final Fantasy X-2 (PS2) in America and Europe combined, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (GBA) sold a total of one million units in the two regions. In Japan, the PlayStation 2 port of the Super Famicom's Dragon Quest V sold well, shipping 1.3 million units during the first two days of launch。

The online gaming sector made 8.9 billion yen ($79.4 million) in sales and 2.3 billion yen ($20.5 million) in operation profits, with its massively multiplayer online role-playing game Final Fantasy XI responsible for most of that figure. FFXI currently has about 500,000 subscribers, and the figure continues to grow. Since the Japanese release of the game's expansion disc, Rise of the Zilart, the number of subcribers has spiked. FFXI saw a jump in subscribers in October and March when services launched in America for the PC and the PS2 versions. In Asia, the online PC MMORPG, CrossGate, which has a total of over 10 million members in China, Taiwan, and Japan, continued to turn a profit for the company。
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